As personal trainers, we found ourselves in the position to offer advice and motivate others towards a healthy lifestyle but, when it came to our personal well-being, we always came up a little short. When we broke the forty mark, our bodies just didn’t respond like they did when we were in our twenties and thirties. Our bodies wouldn’t respond to the” regular routine” anymore and we knew we were missing something crucial. After researching the correct nutritional principles and exercise science, we swallowed our pride, admitted that we didn’t know everything after all and committed ourselves to designing a new paradigm. The journey allowed us to get reacquainted with our bodies and learn how to manage our eating according to our lifestyles and activity levels. Understanding the process of recovery and how it relates to your metabolism allowed us to make the dietary changes necessary to change our body composition and energy levels. The information that we discovered kept us motivated and focused. It encouraged us to keep our “eyes on the prize” and stay focused, even through the mishaps. By the time we were finished, FAST 3.0 was created.

Now we’re able to offer others guidance and support as they embark upon the quest for a healthier and longer life. We understand the obstacles and hurdles that we face when we challenge ourselves and take on the goal of living well. Remember, it’s never too late to take control of your life; every journey begins with the first step…

Coach Chip – CPT, NASM; CSNS, ISSA

Coach Vic – CPT, NASM